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• Villa / Land rental

We will propose a villa that suits your needs from our selected search engine, and will follow up from negotiations with the owner to contracts. We will make the best use of connections with other companies and respond with a customer-first spirit.

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• Villa / Hotel buying and selling

We propose many beautiful properties and lands throughout Bali. We will make proposals according to the needs of our customers, for example, whether it is a property for you or an investment. In addition, we will also assist you in the subsequent operation of Villa.

* Please contact us directly as there are delicate issues regarding the sale and purchase of hotels

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• Land sales

We will propose land that meets your needs. Our staff is constantly in close contact with each region and updating information. Our team, familiar with Indonesian laws and land use regulations, will help you find your dream land.

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• Development

Based on long-term observations such as trends, local needs, and durability, a team of architects and experts will handle the design and construction, and propose it to the customer.

Subsequent follow-up is also available at each department of our company.