Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bali

12 Jan 2022 • 1 min read

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Bali is one of the most evocative and popular tourist islands of the entire Indonesian archipelago. A visit here sparks the senses. The intoxicating fragrance of incense and clove oil hangs in the thick tropical air. Peanuts sizzle at roadside stalls, petal-strewn offerings smolder on busy sidewalks, and traditional gamelan music jangles against the buzz of mopeds.

Despite the clamor and chaos of the main tourist areas, the island is rich in natural beauty, with attractions for every kind of traveler. Surfers come for the legendary swells, hikers can trek up jungly volcanic peaks to misty waterfalls, and cyclists can bike through lush landscapes bristling with rice terraces and traditional villages.

The island"s rich arts scene is another top draw, and if relaxation is your top priority, the shopping in Bali and spa treatments are fabulous — and affordable. Spirituality adds yet another layer to Bali"s allure, and seeing the magnificent temples and sacred Hindu ceremonies are top things to do in Bali.

Since the famous book and film Eat, Pray, Love spotlighted this enchanting island, the tourist throngs have undeniably swelled, but you can still experience old Bali if you stray off the beaten track. Find the best places to visit and some of the island"s hidden gems with our list of the top attractions in Bali.

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Image of Hospital in Bali
23 Feb 2022 4 min read
Hospital in Bali

We all want a care-free, smooth-sailing, relaxing-on-the-beach-while-sipping-cocktails holiday experience. But sometimes unexpected emergencies — like a case of Bali Belly (traveller’s diarrhoea), a surfing injury (reef burn) or a traffic accident that takes too much skin off (a Bali tattoo) — can ruin a dream holiday. Thankfully, Bali’s medical infrastructure is world-class, with air ambulances, multilingual staff, specialist doctors and emergency rooms not far from where you are staying. Visiting a hospital in Bali is easy and less expensive than you may imagine.The first thing you need to know is that Bali has excellent hospitals and high-quality medical care available 24-hours a day. Like many countries, Indonesia has both public and private hospitals.For anyone on holiday in Bali, Here is recommended private hospitals listed as below. While the public system is more advanced in some areas, the level of care and quality of infrastructure is much higher in private hospitals.List of Hospitals Conducting Swab Tests for Covid-19 in BaliThe use of PCR using a swab is considered the most accurate method for detecting Covid-19 infection. But because it requires a laboratory with specialised equipment the capacity for testing is limited and will take several days for the results.The following hospitals are conducting PCR swab tests in Bali.Siloam HospitalPrice:  IDR 1,760,000 (Monday-Friday) & IDR 1,860,000 (Saturday & Sunday)Results: from 3-7 daysAddress: Jl. Sunset Road No.818, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361Appointment: Required. Call (0361) 779900      2. BIMC HospitalPrice: IDR 1,760,000/test (Monday – Thursday)Time: 8:00 to 11:00Results: In 24 hoursAddress: Kawasan ITDC Blok D, Jl. Nusa Dua, Benoa,  Bali 80363Appointment: 6 per day only. Bookings at (0361) 761263       3. Udayana Jimbaran HospitalPrice: IDR 900,000 (Monday – Friday) and IDR 1,000,000 (Saturday & Sunday)Results:  24-48 hoursAddress: Jl. Rumah Sakit Unud, Jimbaran, Bali 80361Appointment: Bookings at (0361) 8953670      2. Hospitals Conducting Rapid Tests for Covid-19 in BaliOne advantage of a rapid test is that it is quick and easy to do. This method can also be a quick screening. The drawback, the results of this test cannot be used to diagnose Covid-19, but it is enough alternative to be able to travel domestic.Siloam HospitalPrice: IDR 350,000Results:  2-4 hoursAddress: Jl. Sunset Road No.818, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361Appointment: Needed. Call (0361) 779900      2. BIMC HospitalPrice: IDR 350,000Results:  2-4 hoursAddress: Kawasan ITDC Blok D, Jl. Nusa Dua, Benoa,  Bali 80363Appointment:  Bookings at (0361) 761263      3. Udayana Jimbaran HospitalPrice: IDR 350,000Results:  2-4 hoursAddress: Jl. Rumah Sakit Unud, Jimbaran, Bali 80361Appointment: No booking needed      4. Bali Royal HospitalPrice: IDR 350,000Results:  1-3 hoursResults: Jl. Rumah Sakit Unud, Jimbaran, Bali 80361Appointment: No booking needed           3.  If you need medical attention highly recommend going to Siloam Hospital on Sunset Road in Kuta.  These are the best hospitals in Bali, so check which one is closest to your location.    Siloam Hospital, KutaAddress: Jl. Sunset Road No.818, KutaPhone: +62 361 779900Website: siloamhospitals.comBIMC Hospital, Nusa DuaAddress: Kawasan ITDC Blok D, Benoa, Nusa DuaPhone: +62 361 3000911Kasih Ibu Hospital, SabaAddress: Jl. Raya Pantai Saba No.9, Saba, GianyarPhone: +62 361 3003333Website: Ibu Hospital, TabananAddress: Jl. Flamboyan No. 9, Kampung Kodok,TabananPhone: +62 361 3005757Website: Source:

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Image of Now is the Right Time for Villas Investment in Bali
14 Feb 2022 3 min read
Now is the Right Time for Villas Investment in Bali

INFO NASIONAL – The Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in early 2020 and created uncertainty in various sectors, ranging from social, political, to economic. This condition also has a major impact on the province of Bali, which is one of the spearheads of Indonesian tourism and the mainstay of the country's economy, especially from foreign and domestic tourist visits.However, data from the Bank Indonesia Bali Representative Office shows that Domestic Investment (PMDN) during 2020 reached IDR 5,432.7 billion and Foreign Investment (PMA) reached a value of 293.3 million US dollars. This indicates that Bali is still attractive to investors who are still optimistic about the development of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Bali.Other data comes from the international research institute Knight Frank Global which notes that the super-rich in the Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) category in Indonesia jumped by 67 percent in the 2020-2025 period. Interestingly, 25-28 percent of their funds are invested in the property sector. Based on this data series, even though it is still in a pandemic situation, the property sector in Bali is still attractive to investors because it is considered to have a positive trend.The economic recovery in the property sector in Bali has been strengthened by the reopening of the Bali airport for local tourists since August 2020. This has caused the residential occupancy rate in Bali to slowly begin to increase again. In addition, the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) is finalizing a plan to open Bali tourism for foreign tourists (tourists) in June or July 2021.Regarding various efforts to restore the economy in Bali, villa property in Bali is one of the promising investments and has strategic value during the pandemic. The return of investment (ROI) for villa investment in Bali is at least 10 percent because the average occupancy is 70 percent per year.Maybe in the past Bali was better known for its popular tourist destinations for domestic and foreign travelers. But now, the Island of the Gods is starting to be seen as a potential area for those who want to enter the world of property investment, especially in the form of villas.Interestingly, even potential areas are now not only centered in famous areas such as Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud. The emergence of many new tourist destinations has also contributed to the emergence of new areas that are predicted to develop rapidly over the next few years, such as Villas in the Canggu area.Canggu is known as an area inhabited by expatriates from various countries. Thus, no wonder, public facilities are also fairly complete and easy to reach. Everything is available, from modern and traditional markets, hospitals, to international standard schools.Property industry investors in Bali assure that after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has passed, the villa investment market in Bali has the potential to experience a "market boom". Well, now is the best opportunity to invest in a villa in Bali.Investors will be in a strategic position to resell the property at a rate of multiples of profit when the economy improves in the future. Moreover, various online booking sites and a number of tour and travel platforms place Bali as one of the most desirable locations to visit or stay after the pandemic.There is no doubt, Villa in Bali is a promising long-term investment during the pandemic. Property purchased as an investment in popular areas such as Canggu or Seminyak can provide a very attractive long-term return on investment. So, now is the right time to invest in the property sector in preparation for the surge in the property market after the upcoming pandemic.   Copyright :

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Image of Implementation of Visa on Arrival, Nearly 15,000 Foreign Tourists Visit Bali
06 Apr 2022 2 min read
Implementation of Visa on Arrival, Nearly 15,000 Foreign Tourists Visit Bali

JAKARTA - The application of visa on arrival (VoA) which has been going on since early March 2022 has succeeded in bringing nearly 15,000 foreign tourists to the island of Bali. Deputy for Strategic Policy at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) Nia Niscaya said this was an effect of making it easier for foreign tourists to come using VoA. "From the beginning, there were almost 15,000 tourists, especially in Bali, until the 26th. Most VoA users come from Australia, Singapore, the United States, France and England," Nia said in the Ministry of Tourism's Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (28/3/2022).Nia assessed that the VoA policy was more effective than an electronic visa or e-visa in terms of bringing in foreign tourists.“It is very clear that the growth of foreign tourists visiting was when it was still an e-visa and then VoA. There are numbers that get e-visas in one month, while VoA is only for one week," he explained. On the same occasion, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said government policies had a positive impact on the level of foreign tourists visiting. "This is a policy that is right on target, has the right benefits, and is on time. And Alhamdulillah, it did not trigger an increase in Covid-19 cases," said Sandi.Currently, there are 42 countries that have access to VoA, making it easier for them to visit Indonesia. The increasing number of visits is expected to be a momentum for economic revival for Indonesia. "Surely this is a new optimism, momentum for our economic revival and can open up business opportunities and jobs," said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. The government plans to expand VoA facilities to several other entrances in Indonesia, including Medan Kualanamu Airport, Soekarno-Hatta Tangerang-Banten, Juanda Surabaya, Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar, and Sam Ratulangi Manado. Source :

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