Easing Travel to Bali Increasingly Boosts the Property Sector

06 Apr 2022 • 3 min read

Image of Easing Travel to Bali Increasingly Boosts the Property Sector

JAKARTA - The tourism sector on the island of Bali was hit hard because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, as the positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have decreased, the Island of the Gods has returned to life, which is marked by the return of domestic and international tourists to Bali for vacation. Although the tourism sector in Bali had experienced a drastic decline due to the pandemic, it was the opposite with the property sector. During the pandemic, the property sector in Bali still grew by around 20-30 percent. In fact, Ciputra Group's General Manager of Marketing, Andreas Raditya, predicts that the easing of travel policies to Bali could increase Bali's property market by more than 30 percent this year.

According to him, the growth of property investment in Bali is not affected by the pandemic conditions, even in 2021 many people tend to invest in Bali.

This condition, said Raditya, especially occurred in the Ciputra Group project, namely Ciputra Beach Resort in Tabanan, whose sales increased by approximately 30 percent. "This achievement is certainly very good during this pandemic, while many property projects in other areas have declined. Bali is indeed different from other provinces in Indonesia because Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world," said Raditya in a press release, Tuesday (29/3/2022).

Buyers of houses and lots at Ciputra Beach Resort, said Radit, are still dominated by investors from Jakarta and Surabaya, around 75 percent, the rest are local buyers and from other provinces.

Raditya explained that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the work culture of the community, most of whom work from home. Correspondingly, young executives and entrepreneurs are inspired to take control of their work from Bali. "Based on our monitoring, the demand for people living in Bali is increasing, especially those over the age of 30 who tend to think about investing in Bali," he said.

Last year, he said, it could be said that sales of houses and plots at Ciputra Beach Resort in Bali increased by around 30 percent compared to 2020. Currently, Bali is the main destination of choice for people working remotely. This means a work style that allows professionals to work outside of an office environment. Current work trends lead millennials to choose an office with flexibility that allows them to work remotely. In addition, the trend of domestic tourist interest in Bali has increased sharply so that although foreign tourist arrivals have decreased, Bali is still attractive for the domestic market. "That's why Bali is interesting." Apart from the trend of working remotely, infrastructure development, especially toll roads, said Raditya, also makes property in Bali more attractive. For example, Ciputra Beach Resort is benefiting from the development of the Gilimanuk–Mengwi toll road, which is planned to start construction in June 2022 and is targeted for completion in 2024. “The location of Tabanan is between Gilimanuk, Kuta, and Mengwi. So sales of this project have increased where most of the purchases from Jakarta and Surabaya can easily access Ciputra Bali Beach Resort,” he said. Currently, Resvara's newest cluster, which offers houses and lots with prices starting from Rp. 2 billion, is attractive to investors. Moreover, in early March, examples of houses, namely the Askana Type and the Svana Type, were already available at the Ciputra Beach Resort project site. The Resvara cluster was developed on 7.2 hectares of land east of the Ciputra Beach Resorts area and consists of 190 units of two types, Askana (7 x 15) and Svana (10 x 20) both plots and houses. Ciputra Beach Resort is developed on 80 hectares of land with a coastline of 1.7 kilometers so that it has a charming view and is also surrounded by Balinese scenery, terraced rice fields.


Source : https://ekonomi.bisnis.com/read/20220329/47/1516224/pelonggaran-perjalanan-ke-bali-kian-mendongkrak-sektor-properti

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